Monday, October 30, 2006

Lemon and Garlic For Cholesterol Reduction

This is an ancient recipe used by the Chinese since time immemorial to reduce cholesterol and possibly reduce heart disease and other related circulatory disorders. I have used it quite successfully to reduce weight as well. The good hting about this recipe is that it is food, hence there is no danger of overdosing and can be quite pleasant to the palate once you have gotten used to the tast of garlic and lemon.

1 lemon, with the seeds removed. (Pix 1)
6 pips of garlic with the shells removed (Pix 2)
200cc of water (Pix 3)
1. Put all three into a saucepan and boil at low heat for 15 minutes. (Pix 4)
2. Leave the items to cool.
3. The pour everything into a blender and blend until it becomes the consistency of condensed milk (thick and glue-like, for those who have not seen condensed milk). (Pix 7)
4. Keep in container/tupperware in the fridge.

Note: You can also make more by increasing the ingredients proportionally such as two lemons + 12 pips of garlic and 400 cc of water.
How To Use:
1. Take one tablespoon of the lemon-garlic mix and stir into a glass of lukewarm water. It is best when taken upon waking each day.
2. Drink this every morning, on empty stomach, at least 30 minutes before food.
What People Say About This Recipe:
According to testimonials, users claim that this mix is good for reducing cholesterol naturally. The lemon is believed to clean the arteries of plaque while the garlic breaks up fat for removal naturally by your digestive system. No scientific tests have been conducted of course.
Among benefits it is said to offer are:
a) Reduce blood pressure
b) Reduce cholesterol levels
c) Weight reduction.
Note: If you have experienced its goodness in overcoming any health woe you have, share it with others. Use the comments section here.


Anonymous said...

This makes a good chaser for cod liver oil, just use less water and you don't get the after tase.

Anonymous said...

I just found this recipe after getting a very bad report on blood work on 5/20/2013. My CHOL was 251w/HDL at 33, LDL at 138, CHOL, NON-HDL was 218, and my triglycerides were a record high of 630. These were NOT good. I was on 80 mg/day of Lipitor but stopped taking it 2 weeks earlier because of severe joint paid. I asked my doctor to run my blood work and see what eliminating the Lipitor entirely had done. Those were my sad results and my doctor said to start the Lipitor again, right away. I told her how bad my joints were hurting and I was afraid of it, so I compromised and now take only 20 mg/day. I also went on-line for a natural method to lower CHOL and this recipe popped up, thank God. I started it on 6/1/13 and on 6/16/13, when I had to go to my doctor for bronchitis, I asked her to re-run my blood test. Although of Chinese decent, she had no idea I was on this recipe. My results were unbelievable for just 16 days of religiously following the recipe. My CHOL went down from 251 to 180, HDL went up from 33 to 41, LDL went down from 138 to 102, CHOL, NON-HDL went down from 218 to 139, and phenomenally my triglycerides went down from 627 to 184. We could not believe it. I am also diabetic and my 7, 14, and 30 day averages are all below 135 and used to always be higher than 200. The taste of this is not bad at all. It is better warm than cold and although this sounds gross, if you drink it immediately upon getting up (do not brush you teeth), it is easy to get down. Then wait 30 minutes, brush your teeth, drink your coffee/tea/juice, eat breakfast and go on about your day. I am being tested again in 4-6 weeks and will repost my updates. My goal is to get off Lipitor entirely, off diabetic pills and insulin entirely, off pain medication for arthritis and fibromyalgia, and start enjoying life and feeling good again. I am only a 62-year-young female.

Anonymous said...

What pips means,I like to try this recipes.

Habib Taghehchian said...

Hi, I just started this few days ago and I like to know your experience after you tried this for the second round.

Nupur Mahajan said...
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Nupur Mahajan said...

Kindly update on 2nd round

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